Tuesday, August 29, 2000

[5:44 p.m.] *whew* I'm a busy girl. Ok, I finished getting up all of my Personal Pictures. I've also added a seperate section for webcam pictures and divided all of the CG's from others up by artist instead of by page, here. Mojo and Pi, I'm making galleries for you guys soon so don't worry. ^_- I'm not completely finished. I've recieved several great new CG's! One of them is of my new Marill costume from mojo, here! Another one is from my good cosplay friend Carolina, of the two of us in our Felicia costumes. ^_^ I also recieved a new picture from Pi, comparing Jennifer Lopez to me... ^_^; The last three new cg's are from the talented Ade, featuring Angel and I twice, and me as Ayane. You can see all three of them in Ade's gallery. I'm still working on the "costumes for others" section and the "convention cosplay" section. That's all for now I guess.

Saturday, August 26, 2000

[3:49 p.m.] You could probably tell by the title pic, but I have my new costume up! Marill! ^_^ I have a few new CG's and I'll have them posted soon. ^_^

Friday, August 25, 2000

[11:01 p.m.] Hey, remember me? ^_~ Well, I know it's only been 5 days, but when you're doing 5 days of nothing but html changing till you're sick, it seems like a lot longer! Anyway... This is my new location! Hopefully I'll have my domain name transfered soon. ^_^ There's so much updating I've done that it might take forever to tell you, so go look around! I've redone all of my galleries and I'm not changing them anytime soon. :P Notably, I have some new pictures in my Lum and Rei gallery, my "About Me" page is completely redone with some added webcam pictures, my "In-the-Making" page is completely redone with some added costumes, and I've also redesigned my "Links/Webrings" pages. You might notice that some of my pages don't work yet. I'm still in the process of moving in so just be patient please. ^_^ I'm working very hard!

New costume tomorrow, so please check back with me. ^_~ Thank you again to Pi for be so nice and hosting me!