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Warner Bros. Supergirl

Finished: July, 2002
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Photos by Cheryl and misc. Dragoncon '02 photographers

Supergirl Giftart


My friend Widya suggested I do this cute version of Supergirl a long time ago and I finally decided to do it after I got into a superhero kick from watching the movie Spiderman. I really love the way this costume turned out. I was contemplating on using a wig or not, but I think my natural hair does well for it. I know a few of pics are really cheesy but I couldn't resist! ^_^


Shirt: I picked up a baby t-shirt at Walmart, cropped it, then added black trim to the bottom. I found an 'S' logo magnet at Suncoast and glued it on with SUPER glue!

Cape: I made the cape out of red costume satin and used a pattern for a Robin Hood cape.

Skirt: The skirt is made out of blue lycra. I took an old miniskirt of mine and pulled it apart at all the seams to use as a pattern. I couldn't find the right skirt pattern in my pattern bin so this worked fine.

Boots: I thought I was going to have to buy new go go boots, but instead I was able to spray paint my old Ulala boots. I'm happy with the outcome, but they didn't last forever. The paint started chipping after a few hours of walking.

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Images me, 2002.