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Artist's Webpage
A song, written and recorded by the very talented TV's Kyle about me, a stalker, and my stalker's fate. I was very honored when Kyle asked me permission to write and record a song about me! You can check out his page for more songs by him. I really love them, although that might also have to do with the fact that I'm a big fan of They Might be Giants and Weird Al. ^_^
TV's Kyle
A short but fun and challenging java-script game by Pi! It took me quite a while to beat. You have to get to me before the short timer runs out. ^_^ Sequel coming soon, from what I've been told. ^_-

"One day while Alisa was trying on her Pikachu costume, she was attacked and captured by evil troll demons! They drug her down to the depths of hell, where only they can enjoy her cosplay.

Help Pi, save her and bring her back to all her adoring fans! "

Me saying "nyao!" as in what Japanese catgirls say, requested by Murodo. =^_^=
A really cute winamp skin of me as Relena Peacecraft!
David Leblanc
Another cute winamp skin, this time of me as Sakura! ^_^
David Leblanc