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I have worked as the webmaster here for well over a decade, and known Alisa for far longer than that. I have always found her to be an upstanding and TOLERANT person in all my dealings with her, but I just cannot condone participation in that march. The whole thing is baffling, as if it was orchestrated, but it still was a choice. A choice to go there, and then a choice to stay there and march. So, I'm making a choice to quit and to denounce it. We are all responsible for our own choices in life.

I support everyone's right to free speech, but to practice free speech means you must accept the consequences of that speech. Spreading hateful rhetoric, or supporting those who spout its poison, only serves to move people in the wrong direction.

Do not accept racism or anti-semitism of any kind. Nor identity politics. Nor Fascists OR Communists, either. We do not have to make choices between any of these systems of control. It is all abhorrent behavior.

Wake up EVERYONE and stop being pawns.